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We discover the Astrofinance personal loan for 1,000 euros. All the features of this form of financing with interest rates and repayment installments. Free estimates online to compare the conditions offered for each of the available durations, choosing whether or not loan insurance.

1000 euro loan Astrofinance: free online quote, installment calculation and interest

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If you are looking for a 1000 euro loan, the solution that can do for you is the Astrofinance personal loan. This solution allows us to receive non-finalized funding, starting from 1000 euros. The best thing to do to compare this product with others on the market is to request a quote. Through the Astrofinance website we have the possibility to use the online simulator, which allows us to know in a few clicks the conditions offered by the company for the sum we desired. The request for a quote is completely free, and in addition to simulating the loan, no registration will be required on the site, nor will we necessarily need to be a bank customer. This is a great advantage, which also allows those who are customers of another bank to compare the characteristics of funding offered by Astrofinance with those of its bank, so you can choose the most convenient in total freedom. The calculation of the estimate does not constitute any constraint, so we can check the conditions for different amounts of money, then choose to contact another company or not to make the loan application.

In case you are interested in receiving a loan of 1000 euros, one of the solutions for you is that of Astrofinance personal loans. All you have to do to know the conditions of the loan is to visit the area of ​​the bank website dedicated to personal loans and enter the desired amount in the appropriate space. You will also need to specify the project you intend to make with the 1,000 euros you will receive on loan. It is good to specify how Astrofinance admits any type of project, and therefore there are no constraints in this sense. The list of purposes that we can choose is very long, and includes for example the purchase of cars and motorcycles (new or used), the purchase and renovation of a property, the purchase of home appliances and furnishings, expenses for studies, legal fees and medical care. Finally, if the reason we need 1,000 euros is different from those proposed, we can select the item “Various Projects”. The choice of this item is not particularly relevant for simulation purposes, as the determining factors for the amount of each installment and for the total expenditure that we will face are the sum requested and the duration of the loan.

To offer you an overview of what is the treatment offered by Astrofinance for personal loans of 1,000 euros, we have made the request for a quote. For this form of financing the company usually offers the possibility to choose the duration from a minimum of 18 months up to a maximum of 120 months. In this case, since it is a rather low sum of money, we are presented with only one solution, which is the one with the minimum possible duration. The monthly payment will be € 59.80, which we will have to pay for a year and a half. The expected interest rates are both fixed, with a Tan of 9.44% and a Taeg of 9.86%. The total that we will have to repay will therefore amount to 1076.40 euros (59.80 euros x 18 months), and therefore the cost of financing will be a total of 76.40 euros, a decidedly affordable sum. For this reason, personal loans are among the most requested products in all Astrofinance, as they allow us to receive the sum we need in a short time and with a deferred repayment that does not provide excessively high installments for the applicant.

Can the Astrofinance personal loan of 1000 euros be insured?

Can the Astrofinance personal loan of 1000 euros be insured?

When requesting a quote, among the information requested before starting the simulation, in addition to the desired amount and the project we intend to carry out, it is whether or not we wish to secure our loan. This will result in a slightly higher cost of the monthly installments and therefore of the total loan costs, yet it offers greater protection to the customer. The policy that we can stipulate assures the applicant in case of unfortunate events such as death or permanent disability. For this reason it is especially recommended for elderly customers, even if particularly for sums of money rather high, to avoid for example that in case of death the heirs were with a heavy debt. At the time of the loan simulation of € 1,000, is it possible to insert the insurance and if it is the monthly cost of the same?

We tried to check the 1000 euro loan insurance cell, but the system replied that the parameters entered are not valid. After making some attempts by modifying the purpose of the loan and subsequently modifying the amount to be requested, we have come to the conclusion that the Astrofinance insurance can not be stipulated for requests for 1,000 euros. In particular, the insurance policy can be inserted starting from a figure above 2,000 euros. Indeed, it would not make too much sense to spend a sum, albeit minimal, to make sure for a figure of only 1000 euros. If we wanted to verify this condition is to avoid that going to make the simulation you could not understand why you were in front of an error page.

So if you prefer to secure your loan, you will have to change the amount you requested, so you can see immediately, in addition to the interest rates applied, the amount of each installment and the part of it that serves to pay insurance. As we said, however, our advice is to secure your funding only for higher amounts of money, such as those above 10,000 euros. For personal loans of € 1,000, therefore, all you have to do before applying for a loan is to enter the amount and specify the project to be implemented, without taking into account the insurance box. In any case, we remind you that the estimate obtained is only an estimate of what will be the treatment that will actually be reserved for you. Factors such as age, salary or pension, can determine slightly higher rates, even if generally for small amounts such as 1,000 euros the estimate of the installment is very close to the real one.