Loan for military of the armed forces up to R $ 150,000

Loan for Military Personnel

Loan for Military Personnel

Loan for military of the armed forces (Army, Navy and Aeronautics). Are you military looking for a loan? Being military has some advantages compared to ordinary citizens, especially when it comes to taking loan, the military class can apply for payroll loan, the same as the retirees and pensioners of the Security Institute has access, in addition to the ease in obtaining, interest are pre- fixed and exclusive, generally much lower than most conventional personal loans.

No one can control the time a vehicle will break, have to make unexpected changes of life, etc. Financial stress when unplanned events happen can be extremely frustrating. In the military loan of the armed forces, financial assistance is provided to the personnel serving Brazil, helping them to return to a more sustainable financial situation.

How to get loan for military

How to get loan for military

The payroll deductible loan is set up for monthly payments that you can pay and pay directly through installments conveniently cashed on the payroll, pension or retirement, in that mode the repayment of the loan is facilitated so there are no insolvency issues.

The installment of the loan for military is another differential, the installments are equal every month with the installments are fixed, with this, the military of the armed forces has prior knowledge of the value of the installments from every month until the end of the loan. The discount of the installments is made directly on the salary or counter-check of the authorized military by the paying agency.

The “loan for military” is available for both active and retired military personnel, military pensioners and in some cases “temporary military loan.” Requests for the military loan can be made anywhere in Brazil regardless of where the member of the armed forces is stationed.

Advantages of Military Military Loan

  • The lowest market interest rates
  • Rates starting at 1,05% am
  • Flexible terms up to 12 to 48, 60, 72 and 96 months
  • Fixed installments until the end of the loan
  • Direct discounted installments on payroll
  • Without presentation of guarantor or guarantor
  • No consultation with SPC and Serasa for restrictive analysis
  • Commitment of up to 30% of monthly income

Another major difference between the conventional personal loan and the loan for military is the way the credit assessment is carried out, so the military is without consultation to the SPC and Serasa to ascertain restrictions on the CPF, except when the requested amounts are very high. If the loan is approved, the cash resources are deposited in the checking account of the military in a few days. The rates and deadlines are different for each type of military.

Loan Release for Military Personnel

The military loan from the military can be used to do whatever you want, buy or repair a vehicle, pay for travel expenses, pay off debts from other, more expensive loans or remedy some emergency situation.

Many military in the military take the loan to pay for educational purposes, provide financial assistance to help the family that was in another state or even another country. Regardless of what will be done with the loan money, the military has the possibility to request the payroll in several financial and banks in Brazil.