Payday Loan of 2000 euros, immediately and without paychecks: where to apply

Let’s see what are the best proposals available on the market for the 2,000 euro loans. Whom to contact to obtain a small loan without pay immediately and what are the alternative guarantees required by the various companies. Finally, all the characteristics of the loans offered, with the repayment installments provided and the interest rates applied.

2000 euro loan without pay check: where to request it to get it right away

2000 euro loan without pay check: where to request it to get it right away

If you are interested in receiving a € 2,000 loan, there are several credit institutions that you can rely on to receive a small loan. An aspect to consider when we have to choose the bank or financial to which we rely is that relating to the required requirements. If we do not provide the right guarantees to the company we will not have access to the credit we need. Among the guarantees most requested by the various companies and therefore without which often we are not granted funding is the paycheck, which demonstrates a guaranteed monthly income.

Depending on the income received, many times a maximum amount that can be requested is defined, which also depends on the duration chosen for the loan. The repayment installments will be fixed according to what is our monthly income: obviously the higher the salary we receive each month and the higher the repayment installment that we can fix. Based on this and the duration chosen for our financing, the maximum amount that we can request will be defined. In the event that the customer is not an employee, and therefore does not have the ability to present the paycheck as a guarantee, many times the request for a loan can be complicated.

However, especially when the sum requested is not excessively high as in the case of the 2,000 euro loan, some companies provide for the disbursement of the loan also to those who are without paychecks, which will be subject to the presentation of alternative guarantees decided by the companies themselves. So let’s see what are the best companies to turn to get a fast loan of 2,000 euros without a paycheck. For the major banks we will see what are the guarantees necessary to obtain a small loan and what is the treatment that can be obtained.

Ultranix, loans from 2000 euros immediate

Ultranix is the first company that offers even non-employees a loan of 2,000 euros. The personal loans Ultranix are in fact also aimed at self-employed, who instead of the paycheck will have to submit the last tax return. The monthly net earnings will determine the maximum amount to which you will have access. If you do not have enough income to obtain the financing, or if the amount of money you need is higher than this threshold, then the solution is that of the presentation of a guarantor, who will be responsible for any installments not pay for us.

As confirmed by the comments found in the various forums, small Ultranix loans are usually disbursed in a few hours. To see in detail what is the treatment offered by the company, we used the simulator available online. This software offers customers the opportunity to receive an immediate estimate of the expense that will have to be faced in case you decide to proceed with the loan request of 2,000 euros. To give you an immediate view of the characteristics of the Ultranix loans, the following table shows the repayment rate and the interest rates applied to the loan for each of the available duration.

6 months 339.09 euros 5.90 6.06
9 months 227.72 euros 5.90 6.07
12 months € 172.04 5.90 6.07
15 months € 138.64 5.91 6.07
18 months € 116.37 5.90 6.06
21 months 100.47 euros 5.90 6.06
24 months 88.55 euros 5.90 6.06
36 months € 60.75 5.90 6.06

The 2,000 euro Ultranix loans last from 6 months to 36 months. Being a sum of money not particularly high, our advice is to avoid setting a duration too high. As you probably already know, in fact, the longer the duration and the higher the cost related to the interests that we will have to pay to the financial. Considering that the repayment installments are almost all within reach, we advise you not to choose a refund in more than 15 months. For example, for a 2,000 euro Ultranix loan, choosing a term of 12 months, the monthly payment will be equal to 172.04 euros, with Tan interest rates of 5.9 % and Taeg of 6.07%. So the expected installment will not be too high and at the same time you will not have to pay an excessively high cost from the point of view of interests.

2 million euro Astrofinance loan, immediately at an incredible rate

Another excellent solution aimed at all those who need 2,000 euros in a short time, but who do not have the opportunity to present their paychecks as collateral, is represented by the Astrofinance personal loans. Also in this case it will be necessary to present the unique model that demonstrates the income to the bank. The latter must also have been accrued in Italy, and as mentioned above it will be important to have the most constant gains over the year, to ensure that the bank will be able to face the repayment installments each month.

Also through the Astrofinance website you can request a free quote online, very useful for identifying the ideal duration based on the amount of money we need. The table below shows the different financing options offered by the company, among which you can choose or compare with estimates from other banks to find the most convenient solution ever.

18 months € 119.70 9.54 9.97
24 months € 91.80 9.46 9,89
30 months 75.20 euros 9.54 9.97
36 months € 64.10 9.53 9.96
42 months 56.20 euros 9.54 9.97
48 months € 50.20 9.45 9.87

In this case the minimum duration that is proposed to us by choosing a small loan of 2,000 euros is 18 months, while at most we can choose a refund in even 48 months. The monthly installment for the repayment duration with minimum amount to EUR 119.70, with fixed interest rates: the annual rate will be of 9.54%, while the annual percentage rate will be of 9.97%. In this case the interest amount will be the lowest of the solutions offered. For this reason, considering that the monthly cost of financing is not particularly high, it is the optimal solution.

Cleopar, personal loan of 2000 euros without a paycheck

Among the major companies offering fast loans of 2,000 euros certainly could not miss Cleopar. Even in the latter case, the alternative guarantee to the presentation of the paycheck is the same, namely the presentation of the Single Model. In the case of young people, who therefore do not have an income to prove, it will be possible to present the signature of a parent or a relative who acts as guarantor. In this case it is not possible to proceed online and it will be necessary to make an appointment at the branch. At the time of the meeting for the start of the practice it will be indispensable the presence of the guarantor himself, who must have with him all the documentation related to his economic situation and must undertake to take charge of all repayment installments not paid by the beneficiary of the financing.

As for the characteristics of personal loans Cleopar from 2,000 euros, in this case the simulator that we find on the company’s website does not allow us to make a quote, given that the minimum amount to be entered is equal to 5,000 euros. To know the treatment that will be offered by Cleopar before proceeding with the actual request, the best thing to do is to make an appointment through the Cleopar website and go to one of the company’s branches to request a detailed estimate. to a fully dedicated industry expert.