Big Rapids recognizes directors and PTOs ahead of reunion

BIG RAPIDS – Members of the Big Rapids School Board honored a number of its leaders this month as part of the celebration of Cardinal Pride and National Principals’ Month.

The board, at this week’s meeting, recognized school principals working with each school, as well as parent-teacher organizations that work within the school to make improvements.

Superintendent Tim Haist said the board appreciated the opportunity to thank their directors and PTOs for the difference they are making.

“Our board of directors recognized all of our directors for their exceptional work and dedication to the district,” said Haist. “We thanked them for everything they do for our students at school, and it was nice to be able to recognize our principals.

“We also recognized our PTOs as part of Cardinal Pride, and it was a late addition that was not on the agenda, but we did recognize our PTOs from Riverview, Brookside and College. because they recently did a Tuna Fundraising Walk and Foam Frenzy Fundraiser for Kids where they raised a combined amount of over $ 113,000.

“We wanted to recognize them and thank them for everything they do, and the presidents of each PTO from each school have come to be recognized by the board of directors,” he added. “We really appreciate all the extra time and effort they’ve put into funding different activities for our students. Like they said last night, they’re just trying to help fund things for our kids and we’re very grateful for that. It’s amazing the amount of money they have raised and how generous our community is.

During the meeting, the board also approved the purchase of a district van which will be used for the transportation of different school groups of activities such as sports or staff for school needs like development. professional. Haist said getting new vans would benefit the district amid their struggles to find bus drivers and maintain transportation.

The council also addressed considerations for winter coaching staff and university head coaches. Haist said the board and administration have a positive view of the coaching staff and the upcoming athletic seasons at the school.

“We are very confident for the sporting seasons this winter, and we are lucky to bring back the coaches that we have had,” said Haist. “They are all experienced coaches who have been training with us for several years and bring a wealth of knowledge, and they do a great job with our children.”

One addition to the agenda that the board approved was to begin funding an out-of-state trip for students in the college group that will take them to Chicago for a day in the spring. The viability of the trip will depend on the risks COVID-19 poses when the time comes, and the administration plans to prioritize the health of students and staff.

The administration is also preparing for the reunion festivities which will take place through the reunion dance, which is scheduled for Saturday, October 16.

Haist said the students and staff are looking forward to the activities and the administration feels good about the progress of the school year.

“We are looking forward to the parade, the play and the dancing this week,” Haist said. “The mayor of our student council has updated us on the events we will be hosting and we are all excited to get involved and enjoy coming home. “

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