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WATERLOO – After a two-year absence from DeKalb Central School District, Jane Bitting returns as the new principal of Country Meadow Elementary School.

The school board approved Bitting’s appointment at a special meeting Thursday morning.

The board approved a 215-day contract in the amount of $ 80,460 and an administrative benefit package of $ 22,500.

Bitting will replace Michelle Molargik, who accepted an offer from Franklin Covey to become a “Leader in Me” coach and consultant.

Teders said that with Molargik’s sudden resignation, the district quickly focused on finding the next chef for Country Meadow.

Fortunately, the district recently participated in interviews with elementary school principals for McKenney-Harrison Elementary. The applications have been reviewed and the first interviews have taken place, narrowing the applicants down to two highly qualified applicants, ”Teders said in a memorandum to the board.

In recommending Bitting for the position at Country Meadow, Teders noted that Bitting is no stranger to DeKalb Central schools and is seen as very effective in his roles and responsibilities.

Teders said Bitting first arrived at DeKalb in 2015 as a language arts teacher at DeKalb New Tech. Her second year was spent as Director of Student Services at DeKalb Middle School. For the next two years, she remained in college and was promoted to deputy director and district director of security. She left DeKalb Central two years ago to pursue a faculty position at Huntington University, where she prepared future educators and also began the pursuit of her doctorate, Teders said.

“I am delighted to welcome Ms. Bitting back to DeKalb Central Schools and continue to grow as a leader in education,” Teders said.

“She was a valued member of the management team and I look forward to her growing up as the next principal of Country Meadow Elementary.”

“I am more than delighted to be back at DeKalb Central Schools. I really enjoyed my job at Huntington University, but when the opportunity arose to return to DeKalb I couldn’t pass it up, ”said Bitting.

“I really think DeKalb Central Schools and especially Country Meadow Elementary School are where I’m supposed to be. Country Meadow has worked hard with the Covey Leader in Me program, and I want to continue this amazing work because I believe in the concepts of the program.

“Country Meadow Elementary School is a unique and special place because of the people. All of the interactions I have had so far with families, teachers and staff have been so warm and welcoming. I look forward to meeting the students and families and starting the school year.

In her resignation letter, Molargik congratulated her colleagues from whom she had the opportunity to learn and grow.

Molargik said that working with and further developing the Leader in Me initiative at Country Meadow provided him with many opportunities to “nurture the ‘learner’ in me. “

In his letter, Molargik said: “My personal mission has always been to support, encourage and enhance students, staff and stakeholders in meaningful opportunities that will foster academic excellence, personal growth and achievement. citizenship in life. When I left the classroom to become an administrator, I was delighted to be able to live this mission beyond the walls of my classroom. As I enter this next phase, I will be able to continue living my mission by working with many schools and their staff.

In other personnel matters, on Thursday, the board accepted the resignations of paraprofessional Heidi Rice and composition professor Amy Norton.

The board approved the appointments of McKenney-Harrison Dean of Students Carrie Bennett and JR Watson Elementary School Dean Kathryn Henry for 185 days, effective August 5. -22 season; Morgan Franks as secretary at DeKalb High School; and Sallie Pease as a media paraprofessional at County Meadow.

The board approved a termination of employment with Landon Cochran, a paraprofessional and college football coach. Cochran was arrested in June for seducing children involving a student. At that time, the district released a statement saying that Cochran had been fired.


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