Board of Directors actions, October 15 – News


At its meeting on October 15, 2021, the Illinois State University Board of Trustees approved the University’s operating budget for fiscal 2022, operating and capital requests for fiscal 2023. , service and maintenance contract extensions and a number of campus renovation and repair projects. The full resolutions for these and other action items are available on the Board of Directors website.

Operating budget FY2022
The Illinois State University Board of Trustees approved the university’s annual operating budget of $ 556.8 million for fiscal year 2022. At its May 2021 meeting, the Board authorized spending by provisional budget allocations before government appropriations for fiscal year 2022 are known.

Operating and capital requests for fiscal year 2023
The board also approved an operating budget request of $ 79.9 million for fiscal year 2023 and a capital appropriation request of $ 490.6 million. The requests are based on the University’s strategic plan, Educate Connect Raise, and enable the University to achieve critical statewide goals for higher education.

The request for an allocated operating budget for fiscal year 2023 represents an increase of $ 10.2 million (14.7%) over the current allocation of $ 69.6 million. Additional funds requested would be for faculty and staff compensation, student financial assistance, support for non-traditional students and equity in post-secondary achievement, as well as discipline expansion efforts. most needy in the state of Illinois.

The capital appropriation request of $ 490.6 million for fiscal 2023 includes $ 450.2 million for six large long-term capital improvement projects and $ 40.4 million for renewal projects fixed assets. The proposed capital projects include the construction of an engineering building, a new Mennonite College of Nursing building, the replacement of Thomas Metcalf School and University High School, the replacement of DeGarmo Hall and the renovation by Williams Hall.

Service and maintenance contract extensions
The Trustees approved a five-year contract extension with TouchNet Information Systems Inc. for e-commerce services, with a total cost not exceeding $ 1.8 million. The services provided allow students to access their electronic billing statements, view their checking account activity and make electronic payments in real time.

The Trustees have authorized the University to extend its current agreement with Connect Transit by six months for the period from January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022, for an amount not to exceed $ 289,068. The extended contract with Connect Transit allows students, faculty and staff to use their Redbird ID cards to access regular, fixed-route public transportation service throughout the Bloomington-Normal community, including the University campus.

Approval was also given to a five-year contract renewal with Otis Elevator Company at a cost of no more than $ 3.3 million. The contract covers the repair and maintenance of more than 100 passenger elevators, freight elevators and vertical elevator systems across campus.

Renovations and repairs
Administrators authorized a capital project to upgrade and modernize the classrooms of the Visual Arts Center (CVA) rotunda building at a total cost of no more than $ 9 million. The project will include renovating classrooms and upgrading HVAC, lighting, fire safety systems, data ports and cabling for classroom technology.

Approval has been given for the replacement of the DeGarmo Hall Plaza bridge. The $ 3.1 million project will tackle the deterioration of the concrete plaza deck and subsequent water leaks in classrooms and offices in the basement of the building.

Council has approved a renovation project for the Watterson Dining Commons service area at a cost of no more than $ 5.35 million. The renovations will include the replacement of the flooring in all service and seating areas, as well as the replacement of all carpentry, furniture, finishes, graphics and lighting.

Approval was given to renovations to the Bowling and Billiards Center Activity Room to create the ISU Esports Game Center and Arena. The project, with a budget of no more than $ 5.95 million, will include the creation of varsity esports competition halls, administrative support spaces, improved sanitation facilities and a new canopy. entrance to the building.

The trustees also approved a roof replacement project for the Cardinal Court student housing complex. The project, with a budget of no more than $ 1.025 million, will include the complete replacement of asphalt shingles and shingle underlayment on the five buildings in the complex.

Certificates of participation
Trustees authorized the issuance of a series of Certificates of Participation to fund previously approved capital improvement projects on campus. The certificates, not exceeding a total principal amount of $ 15.3 million, will be used to fund renovations and upgrades to the first floor of the Milner Library, the first floor of Julian Hall, the first and third floors. by Cook Hall and ISU Weavers. Building. These projects, previously approved by the administrators, will provide the temporary accommodation space required to facilitate the rehabilitation project of Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts.

The purchase of land
The Trustees have authorized the University to purchase a property at 701 N. Main St. in Normal for a total price not to exceed $ 175,000, plus reasonable closing costs and associated costs. The property is adjacent to the current facilities of the State of Illinois. The University is evaluating the future use of this strategic property.

Reception desk, Name of rooms
The Trustees approved the name of the State Farm Hall of Business Executive Class as Robert and Julie Dobski Executive Class in recognition of the Dobski’s financial donation in support of Illinois State University.

Approval was given to name the Bone Student Center Hospitality Office as the Dr. Larry and Marlene Dietz Hospitality Office in honor of President Emeritus Larry Dietz and Marlene Dietz. Personal financial donations from the ISU Foundation Board of Directors support the nomination.

The administrators also authorized minor changes to the wording of the previously approved named rooms in the University’s Multicultural Center: the Alma V. Samuels Family Room, the Dr Frank Naeymi-Rad and Dr Theresa A. Kepic Multipurpose Room and the Multipurpose Room Charles J. “Jack” and the GeJuan Cardwell Multipurpose Hall.


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