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LAPEL – Full-time Lapel employees will receive compensation for COVID-19 risks following action by city council.

Lapel Town County voted Thursday to provide each full-time police service member with a $ 5,000 risk bonus.

The council voted to provide $ 2,000 as a risk bonus to the eight full-time employees who work at city hall and for the utility department.

The $ 41,000 risk premium was funded by the city’s share of the US federal bailout.

City council signed a contract with the Indiana Department of Transportation to receive $ 170,000 in reimbursement for the use of a Lapel Street during the replacement of the Indiana Bridge. 38 west of the intersection with Ind. 13.

Lapel expects reimbursement from the state agency by the end of September. Earlier this year, board chairman Chad Blake said there was an unofficial alternate route that resulted in heavy traffic on a Lapel Street.

The cost of repairing the road has been estimated at $ 170,000.

Originally, INDOT offered a payment of $ 40,000.

Because INDOT did not reimburse the city, it has an effect on the 2021 and 2022 budgets, a financial consultant said.

It has been suggested that city council approve a temporary loan of $ 120,000 from utility accounts for road works in 2022.

The temporary loan could be made in three installments of $ 40,000 each.

City Council has not acted on the temporary loan and is waiting to determine whether INDOT would reimburse them in the amount of $ 170,000.

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