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The Faribault County Annex building is expected to undergo major roof repairs this year. The task will be accomplished in three different stages. Patten Roofing of Winnebago will do the work.

Pamela Krill will be the new Director of Central Services for Faribault County following action taken by County Commissioners at their June 21 council meeting.

“The hiring committee conducted three interviews and unanimously agreed to offer the position to Krill,” said county auditor/treasurer/coordinator Darren Esser. “She had already been a finalist for the position the last time it was open.”

A vote to hire Krill was approved unanimously. His start date is July 18.

The board also approved the hiring of David O’Brien as a building and facility maintenance assistant.

Director of Public Works Mark Daly told commissioners that the company contracted by Ulland Brothers to carry out the extensive rehabilitation of County Road 29 had ceased operations.

“I have no idea when the project will continue,” Daly explained. “It’s up to Ulland Brothers to find a company to do the job.”

Daly then reviewed, and commissioners approved, the county’s five-year plan for building bridges and roads from 2023 to 2027.

With his business done, Daly left the meeting only to return within five minutes with the news that Ulland Brothers had arranged for a company to complete the extensive overhaul work on the CR 29 and that the process would start around the 4th of July.

The council also held a public hearing on proposed changes to liquor license fees for non-municipally-regulated businesses, such as the Derby Inn in Guckeen and the Golden Bubble, located south of Wells.

Golden Bubble owner Jeff Erickson spoke up and expressed concern that his license might cost $1,000 when a business in town would only have to pay $350.

“I agree with Jeff that there should be more equality in the fee structure,” Board member Bruce Anderson responded. “Additionally, they had to pay the fees and then couldn’t operate for almost two years due to the COVID shutdown.”

After discussion, Anderson introduced a motion to standardize the liquor license fee to $350 and waive the 2023 cost for the Golden Bubble if it can be done legally. The motion passed unanimously.

Also on the agenda is the renewal of a contract with the Blue Earth Area School District to continue the school resource program.

Sheriff Mike Gormley and Deputy Chief Scott Adams attended the meeting and told commissioners a new three-year agreement had been reached with the district to keep the program.

“If you recall, the school district was going through a tough financial time when we negotiated our previous contract, so the cost of the program was split 50-50 between the district and the county,” Gormley commented. “The new contract, which begins in July of this year and expires at the end of June 2025, reverts to the previous cost split where the school pays 75% of the cost and the county pays the remaining 25%.

A motion was presented and passed unanimously to approve the contract with the District for the School Resource Officer.

The building and grounds supervisor, Saxon Warmka, was also present at the meeting to discuss a few topics.

“I am seeking approval to sell the 2009 big blue van and 2001 snow plow truck which I was told should fetch around $29,000 for both which was a conservative estimate”, said Warmka. “Then the plan would be to buy the 2020 pickup truck, which Scott Adams drives, as a replacement for those other vehicles. If we can get $29,000 for our used vehicles, that would mean we would have a net cost of $24,000. $, we would need to purchase the van from the sheriff’s department since this vehicle is valued at $53,000.

Adams explained that his pickup was due for replacement in 2023.

“However, they are getting harder and harder to find and there is currently a saving of $4,500 by buying one now instead of waiting for the new year,” Adams commented.

Board members noted that they had approved of increased vehicle purchases in the past to save money and felt it was worth pursuing.

A motion was moved and seconded approving the sale of the two older vehicles and the transfer of the pickup truck from the Sheriff’s Department to the Buildings and Grounds Department. The motion also ordered Adams to pursue the purchase of the new van for the sheriff’s department.

Council also moved forward with a plan to repair the roof of the Faribault County Courthouse Annex.

A unanimous vote was taken to approve a plan that calls for the repair of the roof in three stages.

“Stages one and two, the northern and southern parts of the roof, would be completed over the next year,” Warmka explained. “The interim stage would be complete once it is determined what the future holds for the current air conditioning coolers, which are located above the roof.”

Warmka told the council that the curbs used to mount the chillers would have to be moved for new chillers and that it is advisable – and the most economical option – to move the curbs when replacing the roof.

Patten Roofing won the tender for the repair of the roof in the amount of $60,720 for the three sections. Another option for a total roof replacement would cost at least $180,000 and was rejected.

The board also:

• Adoption of a resolution establishing the Riverside Heights Subordinate Service District Council.

• Approved a motion to update the mileage reimbursement rate for Citizens Committee members, civil servants and employees to 62.5 cents per mile effective July 1st.

• Approval of payment of ceiling and acoustic treatment contract for the courthouse project to Sonus Interiors, Inc. in the amount of $50,603.

• Passed a motion to approve payment of the drywall contract for the courthouse project to Custom Drywall, Inc. in the amount of $110,450.

• Voted in favor of the request of Brandee Douglas, Geographic Information Systems Coordinator, to attend an advanced Microsoft Excel training course.

• Approved the request of Deputy Vincent Do of the Sheriff’s Department to attend the Street Smart Cop/Pro-Active Patrol Tactics and Threat Liaison Officer Certification training courses.

• Passed a motion approving the request of Lisa Frommie, Sheriff’s Department Emergency Manager, to attend the Minnesota Association of Emergency Managers conference.

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