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Janney Montgomery Scott has partnered with the loan platform Credit Exchange Advisor to expand its range of credit solutions.

With the new program, Janney’s advisers will be able to exploit pre-screened lending opportunities and provide their wealth management clients with direct referrals to lenders, according to Advisor Credit Exchange, which connects lenders with wealth managers.

The platform matches borrower profiles provided by advisors to lender requirements and produces pre-screened credit proposals, according to Advisor Credit Exchange. Advisors have a choice of lenders who they can then contact with their clients who want to buy or refinance a home, consolidate loans, or pay taxes, among other financial goals, depending on the company.

“Advisor Credit Exchange offers a digital solution that expands our financing and lending capabilities, enabling our financial advisors to integrate additional lending solutions, including residential real estate and unsecured loans, into the financial planning process. goal-oriented ” Jessica landis, head of investment solutions at Janney, said in a statement.

Pierre Stanton, CEO of Advisor Credit Exchange, said in a statement that the platform allows advisors to compete with lending services from “large wealth management companies and banking / lending institutions.”

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