James Faulkner banned from Pakistani Super League for life over payment fight

Following the payment issue that resulted in James Faulkner quitting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2022 midway through, the Pakistan Cricket Board has revealed their side of the story, giving a detail of what happened. Pakistan’s top cricket governing body also banned Faulkner from PSL for life for his “misbehaviour”. (More cricket news)

PCB said 70% of Faulkner’s fees under the contract were transferred in December last year to an offshore bank account in the UK, details of which were confirmed by his agent. The body added that the receipt of payment was also acknowledged by the Australian all-rounder.

However, in January this year, Faulkner’s agent sent revised bank details for the player’s onshore account in Australia and requested that the money be transferred to the account, PCB said, stating that it was not possible because the 70% amount had already been transferred to Faulkner. , while the remaining 30% could only have been transferred after the 40 days following the end of the current PSL season.

“Although the money was transferred and received in his account, Mr. Faulkner continued to insist that a second duplicate payment of the same amount be made to his account in Australia. This meant that Mr. Faulkner would have been paid twice,” PCB said.

“The PCB, as the responsible organization, engaged with Mr. Faulkner early Friday afternoon to try to reason with him. Despite his objectionable and insulting behavior during the conversation, Mr. Faulkner was assured that all his grievances would be addressed,” he added.

PCB also said Faulkner had “deliberately” damaged the property of the hotel where he was staying before he left Saturday morning and had to pay for the loss.

“In light of the foregoing, and taking serious note of Mr. James Faulkner’s gross misconduct…it has been unanimously agreed by the PCB and the franchises that Mr. James Faulkner will not be drafted in the future Pakistan Super League events,” the PCB concluded.

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