Kenedix Office Investment: Debt Financing Notice (Interest Rate Determination) (Series 187)


Translation from the Japanese original

September 16, 2021

To all parties involved

REIT Issuer:

Kenedix Office Investment Corporation

Jiro Takeda, Executive Director

(Securities code: 8972)

Asset management company:

Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc.

Masahiko Tajima, President and CEO


Hiroaki Momoi

Head of Planning Division

FPI Department Office

PHONE: + 81-3-5157-6010

Debt Financing Notice (Determination of Interest Rate) (Series 187)

Kenedix Office Investment Corporation (“the Investment Company”) announced today, that with respect to the debt financing which was disclosed in the press release, “Debt Financing Notice (Series 187 and 188) ”dated September 14, 2021, one of things was determined.

Please see below for details, where the deal decided today is highlighted.

1. Overview of debt financing

Interest rate Contract Draw Main Collateral ??
Series Lender Rising Refund Refund
(To note) Dated Dated
Date (Note) Method
1000 February 28
187-A million
not guaranteed
MUFG Bank, 2,000 0.30000% September 16, September 21 August 31 ??
187-B million Refund
Ltd. (Fixed interest rate) 2021 2021 2023
yen of the principal
in full on
due date
1000 February 29
187-C million

Note: The first interest payment is due at the end of November 2021, and on the last day of every 3 months thereafter with the principal repayment day. If each interest payment day or principal repayment day is a non-business day, then interest payment or principal repayment will be due on the next business day and if that next business day is in the following month then the previous working day will be applied.

2. Other

For risks concerning reimbursement, etc. of the aforementioned debt financing, there are no significant changes in “Investment risks” as described in the Securities Report (submitted on July 29, 2021).

The website of the Investment Company:

This notice is the English translation of the Japanese announcement on our website posted on September 16, 2021. However, no assurance or warranty is given for the completeness or accuracy of this English translation.


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