Latest round of stimulus checks valued at $ 10,000 or more sent to help with child care

Cash-strapped Americans in Maryland will receive stimulus grants of at least $ 10,000 next year to help with child care.

But, bosses from the Maryland State Department of Education warn that applications must be submitted by Jan.23.


More than $ 125 million in funding made available to help child care programs in MarylandCredit: Getty

Applications for the second and final round of the Child Care Stabilization Grants will open on January 3.

More than $ 125 million in funding will be available to help with child care programs.

Suppliers will receive a base grant of $ 10,000, according to the MSDE.

Eligible child care providers may receive additional funding.

It follows the first round of grants that were sent to residents in October.

Providers who obtained grants in the first round are encouraged to apply again.

State Superintendent of Schools Mohammed Choudhury said: “The MSDE recognizes the critical role our community of child care providers plays in early childhood care and education, as well as the challenges and the challenges they faced during the pandemic.

“Our providers need these emergency grant resources now.

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“We want our suppliers to know that when we say we’re there for them, we really mean it; we intend this funding round to match action with words.

Ruby Daniels, of the Maryland State Family Child Care Association, said the grant money will help recovery from the pandemic.

It is expected that all payments will have been processed by the MSDE by March 4.

Maryland isn’t the only state giving Americans a helping hand.

Thousands of Californians will receive payments of up to $ 1,100 in the coming weeks as part of Governor Gavin Newsom’s Golden State Stimulus II initiative.

Residents who live in an area with a zip code ending in 928-999 will receive their stimulus check in the mail until January 11.

Americans should receive their check no later than February 1.

Paper checks can take up to three weeks to arrive after mailing.

At least nine million people are expected to receive a stimulus check from the state before the end of the year.

Americans in Maine began receiving stimulus payments on November 15.

The one-time payment of $ 285 is expected to go to over half a million people.

And Indiana taxpayers will receive a boost of $ 125 when tax returns are filed next year.

State law requires officials to give taxpayers a refund if reserves, excluding education, total more than 12.5% ​​of the general funding pot.

The state had about $ 4 billion in reserves, or 23% of its general fund.

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb said, “Despite a pandemic, Indiana exceeded all expectations and closed the state’s fiscal year with an unprecedented amount of reserves.

“We have an obligation to put this money back in the hands of taxpayers instead of living it in the hands of (the) government.”

And, the state will work with about 910,000 low-income Americans who pay taxes but file income tax returns.

The last stimulus checks of the year valued at $ 1,400 arrive THIS WEEK

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