Lewisburg Building Commission to meet March 15 | State and region

The City of Lewisburg Building Commission will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15 in the Paul R. Cooley Council Chamber at Lewisburg City Hall, 942 Washington St. W., Lewisburg.

Things to discuss:

Call to order

Oath of office

Election of officers for calendar year 2022

Examination of the statutes and internal regulations of the Building Commission

First Reading of a Proposed Building Commission Order entitled “An Order approving and authorizing the design, acquisition, construction and fitting out of a public works building to be constructed on real property located in the City of Lewisburg; the issuance by the City of Lewisburg Building Commission of its Lease Revenue Bonds, in one or more series, in an aggregate principal amount not exceeding $5,000,000, the proceeds of which will be expended to fund a part of the costs of this project and pay the costs of issuing such bonds and related fees; authorizing the execution and delivery of a deed of trust, agreement and lease, assignment of leases and other instruments and documents and approving other matters relating to the terms and security of such bonds; defining and prescribing the terms and provisions of the bonds; providing generally for the rights and remedies and the security of bondholders; provide for certain other mattes relating thereto; and provide for the effective date of this ordinance.”

Consideration of a reimbursement resolution relating to the public works building

Action needed related to the above


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