NinjaEdge and Infinity Software Announce Strategic Partnership

“NinjaEdge enables Infinity to provide a more complete financial picture for our clients’ account opening and management decisions.”

Alternative data and risk assessment platform NinjaEdge today announced a new partnership with Infinity Software, the leading provider of loan management software for alternative credit lenders in North America.

The partnership will seamlessly integrate NinjaEdge’s proprietary banking data analytics service into Infinity’s ecosystem of traditional and alternative credit risk signals, decision engines and verification providers.

“We are excited to bring the powerful risk assessment capabilities of NinjaEdge to our customers,” said Ryen Leyva, CEO of Infinity Software. “We were impressed with the differentiated insights NinjaEdge has developed from its history as a lender and its decades-long legacy in the digital lending space.”

To date, NinjaEdge has analyzed over 1 billion banking transactions for over 2.5 million loan applications that inform proprietary feature sets and scores developed by machine learning.

“As the leading end-to-end platform for alternative lending, Infinity’s partnership with NinjaEdge is an exciting opportunity to create value in the underwriting and portfolio management of the 1,000+ lending sites worldwide. ‘Infinity dessert,’ explained Brian Reshefsky, president of NinjaEdge. . “We share the same overarching goal as Infinity and their clients to drive financial inclusion with better data and insights.”

Founded in 2000, Infinity Software provides industry-leading loan management systems to alternative lenders. Its flexible all-in-one platform makes it easy for lenders to process loans, expand their customer base and scale their business.

“NinjaEdge allows Infinity to provide a more complete financial picture for our clients’ account opening and management decisions,” added Leyva. “By adding NinjaEdge to their risk decision making and portfolio management, our lenders can more accurately predict loan performance and price risk to both increase approvals and improve the profitability of their portfolios. “

In addition to NinjaEdge’s full suite of features and scores, Infinity customers will also be able to use NinjaEdge’s proprietary routing technology to power the authorization-based Instant Banking Verification (IBV) data that informs these analytics.

“The NinjaEdge platform enables connectivity to nearly every checking and savings account in the United States,” Reshefsky said. “Through our long experience of working with IBV providers, we have developed proprietary algorithms to ensure that the transaction data that powers our analytics – and that clients use in their decision-making – is based on the data set. as precise and rich as possible.

About NinjaEdge:

NinjaEdge is an automated decision-making and intelligence platform created by lenders for lenders to better assess consumer risk. Led by the entrepreneurs and data scientists who pioneered digital lending for everyday Americans, NinjaEdge delivers risk-tested insights based on banking transaction data for use cases across the globe. credit account life cycle since 2017. For more information:

About Infinity Software:

Infinity Software creates world-class solutions for alternative credit lenders across North America. Its loan management system is exclusively designed for the short-term lending industry and has been helping lenders create, market and sell their own loan products, support customers and manage collections for over 20 years. years. For more information:

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