The Docket: local courts raid for 12.2.21


Chesterfield Circuit Court

Euler Hermes North America Insurance Co., assignee of Precision and Performance Auto Care, LLC v Commonwealth Construction Co. of Virginia, Inc.
The Plaintiff says that Precision provided carrier and transportation services to the Defendant and owes him $ 33,570.
Lawyers: P. George Eliades II of the Eliades law firm
Filed: 15/11/2021

Mediterranean Shipping Company (USA), Inc. as agent for MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA v J. Gilliam Inc.
The plaintiff claims that the defendant did not pay the amount owed of $ 117,880.
Lawyers: P. George Eliades II of the Eliades law firm
Filed: 15/11/2021

Valerie Farthing v. Namit M. Mahajan, MD and Commonwealth Radiology, PC
The plaintiff says that due to the defendants’ negligence, she suffered serious and permanent injuries due to their inability to accurately interpret two CT scans and correctly identify a spinal mass. The plaintiff seeks a judgment of 5 million dollars.
Lawyers: Brewster S. Rawls and Harrison W. “Whit” Long of the Rawls Law Group
Filed: 16/11/2021

Henrico circuit court

Vonda and Patrick Collins v. O’Toole Distribution, Inc. d / b / a Pella Windows and Doors; and Steven A. Betts d / b / a Royal Construction
The plaintiffs say they contracted with Pella for the purchase and installation of windows for their entire home, that Pella missed deadlines and made false claims and hired Royal to complete the work, and that the two abandoned the project, leaving many windows uninstalled and causing property damage. The plaintiffs seek damages of $ 100,000.
Lawyers: Justin L. Criner of Hairfield Morton
Filed: 11/10/2021

Kathryn Elizabeth Cunningham v. Haroon S. Hyder, MD and Bon Secours-St. Mary’s Hospital of Richmond, Inc. t / a Bon Secours Patterson Avenue Family Practice
The plaintiff says she suffered serious heart damage, heart failure and related sequelae as a result of defendants’ negligence and breaches of standards of care and seeks a judgment of $ 5 million.
Lawyers: Bellamy Stoneburner and Jonathan M. Petty of Phelan Petty
Filed: 11/12/2021

Kapitus Servicing, Inc. v. Custom 5 Landscape, LLC d / b / a Custom 5 Landscape; and Michael Cullen
The plaintiff claims that the Utah company is in default of a loan agreement and seeks a judgment in the principal amount of $ 32,463.
Lawyers: Nhon H. Nguyen and Charles D. Waters de Nguyen | Ballato
Filed: 11/10/2021

Westrock Shared Services, LLC and Westrock MWV, LLC Westrock Co. v. Ingevity Corp.
Plaintiff says so and Defendant on / about January 1, 2016 entered into a contract whereby Defendant agreed to purchase 100 percent of the production of black liquor soap scum and crude tall oil produced in certain Westrock Paper Mills, and violated the agreement. The plaintiff seeks damages of at least $ 1 million.
Lawyers: James W. Walker and Lilias M. Gordon of O’Hagan Meyer; and Michael D. Fisse, Paul Trapani and Patrick B. Fisse from Daigle, Fisse & Kessenich
Filed: 15/11/2021

Kapitus Servicing, Inc. v Duran Construction, Inc. d / b / a Duran Construction; and Jorge A. Duran
The plaintiff claims that the Georgia company is in default of a forward purchase factoring contract and seeks judgment in the principal amount of $ 140,525.08.
Lawyers: Nhon H. Nguyen, Timothy A. Hennigan and Charles D. Waters de Nguyen | Ballato
Filed: 16/11/2021

Sherree Lynn Carter vs. Gregory Louis Schroder, MD; Henrico Surgical Specialists, LLC d / b / a Advanced Surgical Partners of Virginia; and HCA Health Services of Virginia, Inc. d / b / a Henrico Doctors’ Hospital
The complainant says that following gastric bypass reversal surgery on November 26, 2019, she suffered serious and permanent injuries to the gastrointestinal tract and other injuries requiring multiple surgeries from other providers to try to correct them. The plaintiff alleges negligence and professional misconduct and seeks a judgment of $ 3 million.
Lawyers: Lee Livingston, Heather E. Zaug and Anthony T. Greene of MichieHamlett
Filed: 11/12/2021

Richmond Circuit Court

Brett Wayman v Rumsey and Bugg, CP; William E. Johnson, PC; and Spotts Fain, PC
The plaintiff said that due to a dereliction of duty and professional misconduct on the part of the defendants, his personal injury lawsuit relating to being thrown into the Elizabeth River because of a severely damaged “dolphin” – an outbuilding of an unloading dock – and serious injuries, was rejected. The plaintiff seeks compensatory damages of $ 15 million and punitive damages of $ 15 million.
Lawyers: Michael E. Harman, Clinton W. Verity, Danielle Motie Smith and W. Benjamin Woody of Harman, Claytor, Corrigan & Wellman
Filed: 09/11/2021

David Mark Lynn, in a derivative capacity for Richmond Rocket Auto Sales LLC V. Special Order Auto, LLC; Gary Lee Higginbotham; and RM Hollenshead Auto Sales & Leasing, Inc.
The plaintiff says that as a 60% owner of RRAS, started in the spring of 2019, and Higginbotham, with 40%, loaned the company millions of dollars, but in February 2021, Higginbotham and his wife, who acted as an accountant and managed funds and auto securities. although he was recently released from a joint Chapter 7 bankruptcy, mismanaged the affairs of RRAS to such an extent that RRAS was hopelessly insolvent, cars were missing that should have been in inventory and there was evidence surface regarding the Higginbothams’ misappropriation of significant corporate assets for their personal gain. Plaintiff says SOA, Higginbotham’s company, illegally took possession of 21 vehicles, moved them to Pennsylvania, and then offered to sell them to Hollenshead at a substantial discount. Plaintiff seeks temporary and permanent injunctions prohibiting SOA from attempting to transfer property keys, paying the cost of transporting vehicles to plaintiff’s location in Midlothian, and if the cars are not returned, a judgment $ 750,000 and punitive damages of $ 500,000.
Lawyers: John H. Goots; S. Keith Barker
Filed: 11/12/2021

Markeia Johnson and Margaret Stevens Johnson, as co-administrators of the Keilondi estate Nicole Johnson v. MCV Associated Physicians; VCU Health System Authority; Gaetano Menna, MD; Agnes Bothwell, CRNA; Kathryn Breslin, MD; Scott Creel, MD; and Kristopher Morgan, CRNA
Complainants say Keilondi – 42 at the time, suffered from muscular dystrophy, used a wheelchair and had difficult-to-manage airways, therefore had serious risk factors – underwent a follow-up urologic procedure on January 18, 2019 and his airway became obstructed in the operating room after extubation and during transport between the operating room and the intensive care unit, and remained obstructed for at least 10 minutes, resulting in his death from the aftermath severe anoxic brain injury. The plaintiffs seek a judgment of 25 million dollars.
Lawyers: W. Randolph Robins Jr. of Lantz & Robins
Filed: 11/12/2021

James M. Schroeder, Administrator of the Estate of James R. Schroeder, DDS, deceased c. Hayden M. Pasco, MD and Executive Health Group, PC
Plaintiff says decedent died of pancreatic cancer as a result of defendants’ negligence, for their failure to correctly interpret lab results, properly inform decedent of reports, and fail to diagnose and treat his cancer in right time. The plaintiff seeks damages of $ 3 million.
Lawyers: Richard L. Nagle, Travis W. Markley, James N. Knaack and Benjamin M. Wengerd of TrialHawk Litigation Group
Filed: 11/10/2021

Richard and Joyce Franke v. Ayers & Stolte, CP
The plaintiffs claim that the defendant, their attorney for the settlement of a property in Goochland, did not provide a copy of the title report before the closure, and they later learned of the existence of a septic easement on ownership, which dramatically decreases in value. The plaintiffs seek damages in an amount to be proven at trial.
Lawyers: Nathaniel R. Pierce and Vincent J. Lascara of Pierce McCoy
Filed: 15/11/2021

Elizabeth Edmonds v. Patsy Harris; Wal-Mart Stores East, LP; and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Plaintiff seeks damages in the amount of $ 750,000 and claims that on or about June 26, 2018, at a store in South Boston, a wooden blind box fell from a shelf, hitting her on the head and to his shoulder and causing serious and permanent injuries to him.
Lawyers: Robert W. O’Neal of Cannella & O’Neal
Filed: 17/11/2021


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