Wall-mounted racism trial settlement includes $ 1 million payout: report

WALL, NJ – Wall Township has settled a lawsuit brought by a former police dispatcher alleging repeated harassment within the police department.

Nicholas Curcio’s estate will be paid $ 1,000,000 in settlement, according to Asbury Park Press.

Of this amount, $ 500,000 will be paid by the township and the remainder will be paid by the insurance company, the publication also wrote.

The complaint was filed in 2018 on behalf of Nicholas Curcio, who allegedly suffered at the hands of members of the police department from the time he was hired in 1994 as a police dispatcher. Curcio had been suspended without pay from his position as Communications Supervisor since August 2016.

The former dispatcher died in May this year after a battle with heart and liver disease and diabetes, according to NJ.com.

This is the third workplace harassment lawsuit that Wall has settled in the past three years.

Since 2018, settlements alleging discrimination in the workplace have cost the township nearly $ 3 million, according to Asbury Park Press.

Curcio said the harassment he was subjected to went beyond words. Among the incidents detailed in the chase is one where a fake photo was produced with captions implying that Curcio was an ape and saying he had had sex with chimpanzees and gorillas.

A mockup letter on official Wall Township Police Department letterhead dated December 1996 was also submitted with the lawsuit, stating that Curcio was due for questioning in order to explain his “whereabouts” on a date. to which “30 angry baboons killed a man for revenge”. in Uganda, a mock photo caption accusing Curcio of having sex with chimpanzees, gorillas and monkeys and a drawing on a police department recovery card of a gorilla in a cage and with a tag saying that it was Curcio.

Curcio was of Italian-American descent and has olive-colored skin, according to the lawsuit. However, his diabetes had caused discoloration in his legs, making the skin black.

He said he was asked if he was “half black” and harassed because of his medical condition.

“The plaintiff called himself ‘Monkey’ or a derivation of it, daily to ridicule the fact that he had artificial parts in his heart,” the lawsuit alleges.

Additional reporting by Karen Wall.

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